Genshin Impact releases Lost Legacies in the Sand story teaser

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Genshin Impact just previously released its 3.1 update, which includes brand new and thrilling quests, characters, and events!

Genshin Impact version 3.1’s early phase marks the debut of new playable characters such Cyno and Candace, in addition to the desert region of Sumeru known as the Deshret desert. It is well known that the area formerly had an interesting history before it was abandoned and let to fall into ruin. As part of the new storyline quest, Traveler and Paimon will go into the desert of Deshret in an effort to unravel its secrets.

Genshin Impact has just posted a teaser video for the “Lost Legacies in the Sand” quest which gives players an idea of the tales they will come across as they begin their journey into the red desert. Check out the Lost Legacies in the Sand story teaser, courtesy of Genshin Impact’s official Youtube channel:

Cyno provides the narration for the “Lost Legacies in the Sand” story trailer, in which he recounts the history of the Deshret desert. Greater Lord Rukkhadevata, who hailed from the forests and played a pivotal role in the narrative, was introduced to fans. It was noted that Greater Lord Rukkhadevata made use of her abilities to reverse the damage done in the red desert by the forbidden knowledge that King Deshret spread like a plague. She summoned priests, instructing them to build temples, and bestowed upon them the divine power of life. The impending catastrophe has been mitigated as a result of the power of Greater Lord Rukkhadevata, and the embers of civilization have been maintained in the Aaru Village. However, as long as King Deshret’s forbidden knowledge continues to exist, the miracle would not be gone for good for very long. In the end, King Deshret gave his life as a sacrifice.

Find out more about the Deshret desert of Sumeru in the latest Genshin Impact 3.1 update and participate in various exciting events!

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