Gotham Knights teases 4-player mode Heroic Assault for November

Gotham Knights will officially support 4-player co-op gameplay through “Heroic Assault”, a standalone experience outside of the main campaign. Heroic Assault will be a free update for all Gotham Knights owners on November 29th, 2022. Here’s the announcement from Gotham Knights’ Twitter feed:

The Gotham Knights campaign will only support up to two players online, so even though Heroic Assault is a more limited experience without the campaign, it’s still earned strong praise from the fans. This should definitely help the game compete with other titles in the superhero genre, and possibly even surpass them.

It’s understandable that Gotham Knights restricted the campaign to two players, in order to fit the themes of Batman’s universe. So, it was a brilliant move to support 4 player teamwork in an “arena-like environment” with objectives and enemies on thirty floors, according to the official FAQ section.

It sounds like straightforward missions, akin those in the underrated Marvel’s Avengers, which excels when it adds new content. Even if Heroic Assault won’t please everyone, it’s going to be a free update anyway, and it won’t affect the story.

Alongside the opportunity for some quick action, Heroic Assault should also prove to be a fun way to warm up. It will certainly improve the density of the character combinations, which would otherwise be limited to two kits, so the resulting chaos will make for a pretty fun party game.

Long-term, Heroic Assault should also make the game easier to pick back up, if you’ve set it aside for a while, without risking campaign mistakes. After all, decisions in the story are expected to have ongoing consequences as you progress.

Overall, Gotham Knights has the potential to live up to every expectation, as long as all of the promises are executed properly.

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