Greyhill Incident announced for console release in 2023

Image: Refugium Games

Greyhill Incident is a story-driven Survival-Horror game developed and published by Refugium Games. The game depicts a classic alien invasion that occurs in the early 1990s. Players will assume the character of Ryan Baker, who is armed with a baseball bat and a handgun. The story takes place in the atmospheric neighborhood of Greyhill, which has been overrun by UFOs and Grey Aliens.

Refugium Games initially announced the PC release of Greyhill Incident for the second quarter of 2023. Recently, a new trailer announcing the launch of Greyhill Incident for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 was published. The clip also hinted that it would be available on other consoles, however, it did not specify if Xbox or Nintendo Switch will be supported. Take a look at the Greyhill Incident – Console Announcement Trailer, courtesy of Refugium Games’ Youtube channel:

Greyhill Incident will bring players to the United States in the early 1990s where the media talks about weather balloons and conspiracies. The sudden surge in paranormal activity has persuaded the terrified and suspicious people of Greyhill that the government is involved in some way. Fearing that they may be taken to a mental facility, the residents of Greyhill’s little community refrain from contacting the police. They prepare alone by barricading their windows and establishing a neighborhood watch.

As Ryan Baker, equipped with a baseball bat and a few bullets in his revolver, players must traverse the atmospheric neighborhood of Greyhill in order to rescue a neighbor in grave danger. As they strive to escape the invasion and lead Ryan around the neighborhood, they will acquire useful items, solve puzzles, and meet other locals.

Players may sneak through the open areas of a neighborhood in the United States that has been infiltrated by extraterrestrials and UFOs. In addition to exploring the neighborhood and uncovering the Alien Conspiracy, they may also inspect homes and barns and look for ammunition.

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