Grindstone Guide on the Top Tips & Tricks to Make Your Experience Superb

At the moment, the game Grindstone, which consists of sword-slashing puzzle battles, is among the favorites. In it, Jorj is on the hunt to strike riches on Grindstone Mountain. Jorj has to match the same hue enemies and strike them down, which will result in precious grindstones to fall from the inner walls of the mountain. Your journey in this game can certainly be even more pleasant if you take into consideration the following effective tips and tricks that never fail!


Grindstone Guide on the Top Tips & Tricks to Make Your Experience Superb


Must-Know Chaining Basics

Since Jorj can only begin an attack chain of one hue monsters that surround him, the key to win is to lineup the same colored monsters. You can easily do this by being aware of how to manipulate the chain and board.

To note a grindstone spawning, ten monsters or more need to be killed. In the beginning, you might note that big chains are easy to make, but as progress is made, this action will become more difficult. Furthermore, when an enemy is taken out, Jorj’s position will be on the spot where it was placed. You will notice that every empty spot is filled by monsters.

Purposely ‘filling in’ sections of the board with the same type of monsters can aid in making big chains on the boards that reflect more complexity. Ensure to try this with the monsters that are present on the board, because monsters from the top are chosen randomly.


Effective Multi-Chaining

Limits to chains no longer exist when a grindstone becomes apparent. Moves can be turned into a wild card when grindstones are thrown into a chain, which permits gamer to re-target a monster of any color for the upcoming attacks. The ‘chain snowball’ can be set off if you focus on making a grindstone. When one is created, it will randomly spawn on the board’s tile. There is no need to pick the grindstone, because it is always automatically collected.


Acquiring New Gear & Materials

After you have reached a few levels, the gear system and the armory will unlock. In total, there are four types of gear: swords, shields, arrows, and potions. Jorj can take advantage of the swords to utilize special attacks. The shields defend Jorj from attacks that become apparent when his turn ends. Arrows can cause special effects on the enemies or damage them from afar. With potions, special effects are granted.

Once a level is completed, shields and swords are automatically recharged. On the other hand, arrows and potions need to be refilled utilizing materials. For Jorj to acquire new gear, he has to find blueprints that are obscure within certain levels. Remember that in order to craft new gear, monster parts and raw materials need to be gathered.



Bosses’ Strategies Must Differ

If you progress just enough through this game, you will encounter a boss battle. The strategy implemented on the typical enemy is not sufficient when dealing with these guys. So, it is recommended that you carefully analyze the environment.

Make Your Experience Even More Grandiose The aforementioned tips and tricks have been noted to be of great help. Go ahead and implement them when playing this fascinating game so that your experience can even be more grandiose.

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