Gundam Evolution teases upcoming Season 2: Mobius content

Gundam Evolution is a free-to-play, 6-on-6, first-person “Gundam” team shooter featuring an innovative Boost System that increases the game’s pace and realism. Upon its release, Season 1 of Gundam Evolution gained a significant number of players, and over the last several months a strong community has been developed around this game. Now, Gundam Evolution is preparing for the next season, and more exciting content will be released for players.

The Gundam Evolution Mission Briefing is back, and this time Toshihiro Beppu and Kazuya Maruyama discuss the new content that will be included in Season 2: Mobius. The Mission Briefing also confirmed that starting with Season 2, console versions of Gundam Evolution would be available. The release of the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S versions are scheduled for November 30, 2022. Watch the GUNDAM EVOLUTION – Mission Briefing Season 2, courtesy of Gundam Evolution’s official Youtube channel:

The new unit for Season 2 of Gundam Evolution will be the Nu Gundam, a Mobile Suit used by Amuro, the protagonist of Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack. It has specialized equipment known as the Fin Funnel. Its main weapon is a mid-range beam rifle. Its Active Skill 1 is the Fin Funnel, Active Skill 2 is the New Hyper Bazooka, and the G-Maneuver is the Fin Funnel Barrier.

During the Mission Briefing, the Colony Trading Post map, which will be introduced, was also unveiled. This map was inspired by a city-type Colony. The map also has new gimmicks, including a conveyor belt and shutter gimmicks.

Season 2: Mobius will also feature the Unit Unlock for Nu Gundam, a rare skin set, and the Amuro Portrait in the Unit Pack Mobius. As an MP purchase item, there will be the Gundam Barbatos Second Form Skin. Additionally, the game will feature a brand new function called Titles and the Custom Matches will have some quality improvements. Additionally, the PC version will have the Spectator Mode enabled before the versions for consoles.

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