Hard West 2 trailer reveals an official release date and gameplay

The classic turn-based tactical game Hard West is finally getting its sequel, and the latest trailer reveals that you can expect it to launch on August 4th. Fans can already wishlist Hard West 2, which is expected to release for PC through Steam and GOG.com.

Here’s the official trailer for the upcoming sequel, featuring new gameplay of the upcoming mechanics:

The game will be published by Good Shephard Entertainment, based in Amsterdam and owned by Devolver Digital, who is currently best known for Cult of the Lamb. Good Shephard is notable for working on the John Wick Hex game, another action strategy title that hit consoles back in 2020.

Ice Code Games will develop Hard West 2, and are likely to continue focusing on strategy. This would be a crucial step in distinguishing Hard West 2 from competitors like Weird West.

However, cast members like the iconic Kevin Conroy and Darien Sills-Evans from League of Legends will definitely add personality and spark intrigue.

The story will be character-driven, set in the wild west. Players will face both human and supernatural threats, including demons that spew toxins. The plot is also said to be “expansive”, suggesting a play time that will encourage investment and replay value.

Jason Graves is the composer, also known for his work on the massive Tomb Raider reboot that successfully added survival horror elements to the franchise. This makes Graves an ideal match for a game with Hellspawn and curses.

Hard West 2’s trailer explains that players lose their soul to the Devil, and must find a way to get it back. You’ll have supernatural abilities of your own, as the gameplay shows off your hero teleporting behind an enemy or casting bloody spells.

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