Hay Day Hack & Cheats

Hey guys, this post is all about Hay Day Hack and how to use it to get free coins and free diamonds in a few easy steps. The generator works on both iOS and Android platforms.

 Hay Day Cheats for Android & iOS

If you are looking for Hay Day cheats, you are in the right place. Our site offers you access to a great generator that can create these currencies for free! To start, click on the button below and you will start Hay Day Cheats.

Hay Day Hack – Free Coins & Diamonds Generator


Get Free Coins & Diamonds!


Make sure to use our free, safe, and easy-to-use generator. It will save you money on resources!

Hay Day cheats generator for free coins and diamonds

Click on the button above.

This button leads you to our generator page. But the first thing for you to do to complete this Hay Day hack is to choose how many coins and diamonds you wish to have. For example, if you choose Coins 23820 Diamonds 4000 those are the exact amounts you will generate and receive! So, choose the number you wish from the dropdown menu and click on ‘continue’. 

The next step is in the popup window that will show up. There, simply choose whether you are playing on an Android or iOS device and enter your exact username from your account in the game. Make sure to double-check the information and click on ‘generate’. This may take a few seconds, and while the coins and diamonds are being generated, you will have to complete one last step. This means you have to pass the human verification step. To do this, just follow the instructions on the screen and download a few apps which you can delete later. 

As soon as that is done, you can simply reload your game, and coins and diamonds will be on your Hay Day account ready to be used.

As you can see, Hay Day cheats for coins and diamonds are really easy to complete. Plus, you can always come back for more, and if you encounter any issues, contact our tech support. 

Hay Day hack proof

About the Game

Everyone loves a good farm simulator game and Hay Day is here to deliver. In Hay Day you can build your own farm, raise animals, go fishing and simply explore the Valley. This game really makes farming look easy and fun and you can grow various crops including wheat and corn. Harvest them and replant them for unlimited crops and you can then sell them to get some coins. 

On Hay Day you can also raise plenty of animals, including chickens, pigs, and cows, and use them for other resources and growing your farm. If you feed them they will produce eggs, bacon, dairy, and other foods that you can trade and sell for coins. 

This game offers you a great opportunity to build your own farm, decorate it and customize it to create your own country paradise. There is a wide variety of items that you can use for upgrades and decoration, including instruments, panda statues, birthday cakes, flowers, butterflies and so much more. 

You can also join your friends and other people across the world to create the ultimate farm and trade goods for currencies. However, sometimes those trades won’t produce enough currencies, or at least not as much as you’d like. You can always buy coins and diamonds for real money via in-game purchases. However, if you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on this, you should rely on Hay Day cheats. That is why we are here to provide you with the best Hay Day hack.

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