Hell is Others release date trailer announces October 2022 launch

Hell is Others, the upcoming top-down survival horror indie, has released a new trailer confirming a launch date for October 20th, 2022. It will only be available for PC users via Steam. You can get a glimpse at some of the gameplay in the new trailer on Hell is Others’ official YouTube channel here:

This unique multiplayer shooter is smartly capitalizing on the season of Halloween, which perfectly fits the eerie retro style, monsters, and its hellish Century City of “endless night”. The game also has a dreary and existential quality that’s genuinely interesting and creative.

Hell is Others was developed by Yonder, a small team based in Italy, and Strelka Games, who seem to have been brought in for their multiplayer experience. Neither developer has a library of existing games that would indicate what fans should expect from something like Hell is Others.

Instead, curious horror and indie fans will simply have to check out an older video that explains how to play, which Strelka Games uploaded back in February:

The mechanics are undeniably neat, creating a sense of urgency and grit that’s both satisfying and a little unexpected. Marketing for the game has ramped up lately, including a recent announcement just a couple of weeks ago that the Beta Test will roll out in September 2022:

This should give fans a clearer picture, but it already seems like Hell is Others is tremendously clever and even thoughtful. It’ll be even more intriguing to see how the players make use of the PVPVE system, which is pretty ambitious for such a small title.

Unfortunately, it’s only releasing on Steam for now. Hopefully, there’ll be some kind of leap into the subscription service field, such as PS Plus or Xbox Game Pass, which would help widen the audience and fund future projects.

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