Hell is Others releases “Winter Helliday” patch notes

Hell is Others, the indie top-down shooter set in a terrifying city full of monsters, has laid out all of today’s Winter Update patch notes. The update includes minor bug fixes, as well as all of the previously announced new enemies, devices, mechanics and holiday-themed items.

Hell is Others is exclusively available on PC, and today marks the game’s biggest update since launching last October. The Winter Helliday event will run between December 22nd, 2022, and January 5th, 2023.

Hell is Others has become a runaway indie success, largely thanks to its wild creativity. The game has a very grim premise, but the action is absolutely thrilling, because it feels totally unpredictable.

It is very difficult to handle the PvPvE genre in a way that doesn’t feel cluttered or unbalanced, usually with one side of the mechanics feeling superior. Hell is Others uses inventive horror imagery and strangeness to create genuine tension, and certainly plenty of personality.

Horror and the holidays tend to play well off of each other because of their contrast, so it’s always fun to see how devs incorporate the festivities. Fortunately, Hell is Others doesn’t just phone in their celebration with a few cosmetics, as many games (even AAA titles) often do.

Christmas decorations are everywhere, and actual gifts are randomly spawning around the city for players to collect. This shows a tremendous amount of effort, especially when Strelka Games and their fellow devs were already planning to add so many disparate mechanics that have nothing to do with the holidays.

Enemies now have “Level 2” versions that are harder to defeat, but they provide more loot and credit. It’s a smart way to add more variety in the game. Similarly, the default Pocket mechanic will encourage players to be stealthier, and the Durability mechanic demands new resource management skills.

These should reinvigorate the element of surprise, which is a crucial part of Hell is Others’ appeal. You can read the full patch notes here.

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