Herman Miller Gaming officially Partners with G2 Esports team

Herman Miller Gaming has announced they will partner with G2 Esports, and the relationship will allow the pro team to suggest improvements for supplied products.

Here’s the official statement from Herman Miller Gaming, which explains that they’re interested in providing designs, programs and injury prevention that pro gamers need:

Herman Miller is a highly successful furniture company that offers plenty of office chairs, desks and more. However, they’ve also made a strong impression on the gaming industry.

Now, they’ll be an Official Chair Partner with G2. As a result, they plan on providing every G2 team, creator and office with their products. Their goal is to “push the boundaries of ergonomic design”, and there’s no better point of reference for their researchers than the pros.

G2’s teams and content creators have a long history of success, and their pros spend countless hours behind a screen to maintain that reputation. That kind of physical stress can often result in long-lasting issues, let alone frustrating soreness, if the equipment isn’t up to par.

G2 was founded several years ago in 2015, and is probably best known for their League of Legends talent. Their thoughts could definitely result in better commercial products for millions of loyal fans and casual gamers too.

According to G2’s official blog about the partnership, their agreement will last “over multiple years”, and future designs will create unique solutions based on common physical demands. G2 also tweeted about the new agreement, adding in some humor the fans should enjoy:

Fans have shown their support for the move, and might just think about picking up some Herman Miller products themselves to emulate their inspirations.

You can read more about G2 Esports, and other professional eSports teams like TSM and more by checking out the rest of our news section!

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