Hindsight announces PlayStation and Xbox port for December

Hindsight, the indie narrative adventure recently nominated in The Game Awards, has officially revealed that it will join both the PlayStation and Xbox on December 6th, 2022. Developed by Team Hindsight, Hindsight originally launched earlier this year in August for PC, Switch and the app store. Here’s a new trailer for the announcement from publisher Annapurna Interactive:

Hindsight lines up with the tone set by Annapurna Interactive’s previous game A Memoir Blue, and it is likewise focused on dramatic storytelling over gameplay.

Hindsight also has a similar art design too, which has naturally drawn comparisons to A Memoir Blue, to its own detriment. That game remains one of the most acclaimed narrative titles in the genre. Still, Hindsight has maintained mostly strong reviews in its own right.

Since it’s already available on the Switch, its potential as a mobile game has already been spent, so it’ll be interesting to see how Xbox and PlayStation users respond to something with such a lack of interaction.

The story itself aims for the profound, which is very subjective and has divided some fans of the genre. But it’s clear that Annapurna Interactive has succeeded in this style, and still has a vision to go on mining it. Hindsight boasts the ability to present the unexpected, with strong direction and an absolutely gorgeous art design that deserves to be viewed on the biggest screen possible.

Like other indie ports, hopefully this one will end up on the Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation Plus subscription services to find new audiences. Nintendo may have dominion over the mobile scene, but its subscription service is underwhelming.

Annapurna Interactive has recently been in the spotlight for publishing Stray, which is an outstanding title that recently earned PlayStation’s Game of the Year at the Golden Joystick Awards:

You can read more about Hindsight, Annapurna Interactive, and other upcoming indies by checking out the rest of our news section.

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