HITMAN 3 reveals Year 2 November Roadmap  

As November arrives, a new HITMAN 3 Roadmap is revealed. This month, players will discover four new unlocks, a new Escalation, and more. Take a closer look at what HITMAN 3 has in store for November. Join Clemens of IO Interactive as he discusses November’s upcoming releases.

On November 3, IO Interactive will provide a new unlock for the first Elusive Target Arcade of the month. By completing one of the two new Arcades, players may obtain a vial of nitroglycerin, which is highly explosive even in small doses.

IO Interactive will bring The Halliwell Fable, a three little pigs challenge in HITMAN 3 style on November 10. Complete this completely new escalation set in Berlin to unlock the Big Bad Wolf. Be the predator in broad daylight with this sophisticated black suit, blue-striped tie, white gloves, and the “piece de résistance.” Along with the three little pigs-inspired challenge, the “Been there done that” challenge will also be available. Been there done that is a New Challenge on the Dartmoor Garden show. Complete it to unlock the Florida Fit With Gloves. This ensemble features a light polo shirt with blue trim and tailored pants.

The second batch of Elusive Target Arcade is set to be released on November 17th. Players may obtain another exploding component, known as the Ancestral Fountain, once they have completed one of the ETAs. This pen is perfect for tossing, signing a lease, or detonating an archenemy. On the same day, players may return to Marrakesh at night to experience one of the bonus missions from HITMAN 1 for a short time as part of the location rotation. This revamped edition of Marrakesh offers fresh experiences and new fortunes, as it introduces new targets to eliminate and challenges to complete

Once November 18 arrives, it’s time to travel back to Dubai and Track down the perfect con artist, The Accentionist, who will do anything to climb the social ladder. The Accentionist reached Dubai by deception and murder. She will spend 10 days at the Burj Al Ghazali beginning on November 18.

On November 24, HITMAN 3 will feature six community-created contracts. The theme is Fribilous Fables, and fans are challenged to create the ideal HITMAN Fable. On November 4, entries will begin on the hitman forum page.

Mr. Giggles, the final Elusive Target in HITMAN 1, will return in HITMAN 3 on November 25. Players will be tasked to eliminate him and retrieve his client list. Beginning on November 25, he will spend 10 days walking the darkened alleys of Marrakesh at night.

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