Hogwarts Legacy delayed on Xbox One and PS4, Nintendo Switch launch announced

Hogwarts Legacy, the upcoming open-world RPG from developer Avalanche Software, has just been delayed for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users. The original release date for those consoles was February 10, 2023, which would have coincided with next-gen consoles and PC.

Today, the new launch date for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 was revealed to be April 4th, 2023. However, a release date for the Nintendo Switch was finally announced for July 25th, 2023. Here’s the full statement from the official Hogwarts Legacy feed:

A follow-up tweet suggested that some answers might be found in the FAQ section of the official game’s site, but unfortunately, nothing is available other than the new launch date. So, it remains unclear what caused the setback, and nothing official has elaborated on the matter.

It appears that Hogwarts Legacy was probably built with next-gen consoles in mind, resulting in a troublesome port for weaker consoles. So, although this delay for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 might be disappointing, it’s lucky that Hogwarts Legacy is planned to release on those platforms at all.

Of course, the Wizarding World deserves to reach as many players as possible. Inclusivity has never been more important in that beloved universe. There has been an extraordinary hurdle to leap following J.K. Rowling’s comments, and Hogwarts Legacy has made a valiant effort to brand itself as “living the unwritten”. It has also carefully identified its relationship with Rowling on the official game site.

Hopefully, the current gen consoles are able to meet their new release date. The Nintendo Switch is often last to receive ports, so there isn’t anything too surprising about having to wait an additional three months to take Hogwarts Legacy mobile.

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