Hogwarts Legacy has been delayed until February 2023

The highly anticipated Wizarding World title Hogwarts Legacy has now been officially delayed, with a new release date of February 10th, 2023 for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

A Nintendo Switch release date hasn’t been added, but the devs have stated this “will be revealed soon”. The main cause of the delay is another run-of-the-mill statement, where the devs openly admit that they “need more time” to give fans a better experience.

Here’s the tweet from Hogwarts Legacy’s feed:

It’s really unfortunate that Hogwarts Legacy won’t be able to capitalize on the Holiday season as planned, especially since the Holidays often play a large role in the Wizarding World lore. Since no release date is set for the Switch yet, that console could possibly be the root of the problems.

As usual, the delay has split fans of the upcoming title, but even multiple delays won’t be enough to change minds and lower sales. The Wizarding World is too bankable of an IP. Most fans are simply pleased with the transparency, and glad to wait for a functional and proper experience.

However, the move was so certain to cause mass frustration, that Avalanche Software had to release a video message to accompany the news and soften the blow:

Despite the ongoing backlash against J.K. Rowling and the latest Fantastic Beasts films, the Wizarding World remains a beloved setting with limitless possibilities. It belongs to everyone, and nearly all of the footage or updates released for Hogwarts Legacy have been met with praise.

The marketing has been very strategic, even tying in with PlayStation’s DualSense controllers back in May. With yet another delay, the devs will need to make a big push to recuperate and repair trust.

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