Hokko Life announces new Summertime Ball Event

Hokko Life, the cute sim that riffs on games like Animal Crossing, has just announced a brand-new “Summertime Ball” event. No release date has been confirmed for the event, but more details will be revealed on August 16th.

Here’s the official announcement from Hokko Life’s Twitter feed:

The tweet includes the phrase “keep your eyes peeled“, and ends with an orange drink emoji, so the event may have something to do with oranges being used for some kind of summer sports theme.

Either way, most of the events in the game thus far have involved the community. These generally ask for fans to create their own designs in “Creator Challenges”. These challenges have a variety of themes, including “Bakery”, “Under the Sea”, “Space” and more.

So, it’s possible that the Summertime Ball event will be nothing more than another Creator Challenge, but it would be fun to see the game celebrate summer with its own original content.

In Hokko Life, players take control of an old workshop in the small village of Hokko. You’ll need to design and build homes, but there are countless other fun activities such as painting, fishing and bug hunting.

And although the game has been available on Steam since April 2021, the devs recently announced a release date for a console port. Hokko Life is currently scheduled to join the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch consoles on September 27, 2022.

The central focus on design, as well as some of the superb community additions, help this little game distinguish itself just enough from the obvious influences. So, if you’ve gotten all of the neighbors, fossils, and decorations you want in Animal Crossing, Hokko Life will make a great spiritual sequel.

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