Homicidal All-Stars, a brutal turn-based combat game, is launching on PC in 2022

Image: Homicidal All-Stars

Homicidal All-Stars is a turn-based combat game centered around a brutal reality game show set in the future. From Good Shepherd Entertainment and Artificer, Homicidal All Stars is launching on PC via Steam and GOG.com in 2022. 

The official trailer for Homicidal All-Stars showcases the brutal battle arena, the combat style, and the characters.

Homicidal All-Stars is the most popular and brutal reality game show of the 21st century. Set in a time when society is plagued by income equality, corrupt corporations, violence, crime, overpopulation, and disasters and wars triggered by climate change, this reality show provides a welcome distraction for humanity.

Omega Corporation is a shady organization that owns the majority of the shares for the show and is its primary sponsor. They only care about getting higher ratings, no matter the cost. This includes changing the rules mid-game and throwing fairness out the door. 

The key features of Homicidal All-Stars include:

  • Real-time exploration: You must overcome any obstacles, traps, or puzzles in real-time and be prepared for ambushes at any time. 
  • Turn-based combat: Combat is turn-based. Goals can change, and you can use level mechanics and environmental elements to your advantage.
  • Teams: Each of the team members has unique abilities and play styles. You must select your team before each battle to match up against your enemy’s skill set. During combat, your teammates get experience points that can be used to level up your character.
  • Enemies: Your enemies have unique abilities and special skills that require a customized and strategic approach to defeat them.  
  • Gore and violence: As this is a reality game show, be prepared for blood to splatter and limbs to fly. 
  • Sponsorships and fans: You can gain fame by avoiding death, surviving each round, and killing your enemies as gruesomely as possible. The more you succeed in doing this, the more fans you earn, which will help grow your fame and help you obtain sponsorship deals.  
  • Twitch integration: A special mode has been created for Twitch streamers to allow their viewers to act as the audience and vote on in-game events. They can cause as much mayhem and mischief as they desire.

Solve puzzles, avoid traps, and defeat blood-crazed enemies in Homicidal All-Stars, launching on PC in 2022. The official cost and release date have yet to be revealed. Be sure to check out our Latest News section for more great content!

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