Horizon devs Guerilla announce server shutdown for Killzone Mercenary and more

Guerilla, the devs behind Horizon Forbidden West, have just announced that servers for three different titles are going to shut down on August 12, 2022. All online and multiplayer features will halt for Killzone: Mercenary, Killzone Shadow Fall, and RIGS: Mechanized Combat League.

Here’s the official statement from Guerilla’s Twitter feed, which adds that fans will still be able to play single player offline modes:

Killzone: Mercenary is just a first-person shooter for the PlayStation Vita, making it one of the few handheld titles in the series. It released in September of 2013, marking 9 years of gameplay.

Although it was well-received, it’s unlikely to be missed as much as console alternatives. The Vita never quite gained the traction to compete with Nintendo’s mobile monopoly, not the way Steam found its niche by focusing on so many innovative exclusives.

However, Killzone Shadow Fall released on PlayStation 4, so the announcement sort of blindsided fans of the game who haven’t completed all of their trophies. Despite lasting so many years, fans are still frustrated with the short notice, noting that multiplayer trophies will be unattainable in weeks.

Some are hoping that Guerilla will change the trophy list accordingly, but it seems unlikely. Sadly, players are equally unlikely to obtain any remaining trophies in time. If fans are lucky, Guerilla will wisely dedicate the money saved, possibly to announce a brand-new Killzone installment.

RIGS: Mechanized Combat League released back in 2016, which feels even more recent. Players took control of large mechs to compete in near-future sports events, usually aiming for takedowns.

This title received plenty of positive reviews, but it probably hasn’t maintained enough momentum or player population to justify paying for its servers.

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