Horizon devs Guerilla Games will play fan creations on Dreams

In a surprise partnership with Media Molecule, the developers of Horizon Forbidden West will check out some Horizon creations built with Dream. The livestream is scheduled for July 16th, 7AM pacific time.

Here’s the official tweet from Guerilla Games’ feed, which links to the official Twitch account that will host the live event:

The hit sequel Horizon Forbidden West launched in February 2022, and the title continues to be a flagship franchise for PlayStation thanks to its dazzling artwork and engaging narrative. Players explore a post-apocalyptic open world, filled with rogue machines.

Media Molecule are developers based in the UK, and while they did make both LittleBigPlanet games, they’re best known for Dreams.

Dreams is a creator’s Swiss army knife exclusive to PlayStation, designed to help players easily make their own content and share it with others. Fans who don’t feel like investing that way can support others by playing everybody else’s creations, too.

Here’s the trailer for Dreams‘ first birthday, which recaps some of the incredible features and creations that it accomplished by February 2021:

Dreams remains one of the most ambitious games ever made, and the staggering freedom naturally led to Horizon fans making their own creations. Now, the devs themselves will help put a spotlight on some of the best designs.

This event could very well spark a few careers, and not just for the Horizon fans. Casual PlayStation users who may be unaware of Dreams could use the powerful tool to begin a lifelong journey into the gaming industry. The IP will definitely help spread the word into broader audiences.

Overall, this is a fun way for Guerilla Games to celebrate the fans, who seem equally excited about the event. You can read more about Horizon Forbidden West and other PlayStation hits by following our news section!

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