Horizon Forbidden West reveals new Aloy replica from Dark Horse

Fans of Horizon Forbidden West will soon be able to get their hands on a replica statue of Aloy, scheduled to release on November 16th, 2022. Thanks to Dark Horse Direct, and the craftsmanship of PureArts, pre-orders are available now for the new 1/8 scale statue.

Here’s the official announcement from Guerilla, who adds that the statue will be PVC:

The artists clearly did a fantastic job on the smallest details of the body and gear, and they even capture Aloy’s movement pretty well. But the face doesn’t represent the performance of the character in-game.

Fans were quick to criticize the strange results for Aloy’s face. In fact, many iterations of Aloy tend to have trouble with her face. Both Guerilla and @DarkHorseComics have strategically hidden the price tag, but it’s expected to be $99.99.

The size and accuracy (or lack thereof) do not seem to justify the cost, especially compared to the original 1/6 scale figure. However, that statue is already sold out and pre-orders are closed. It also cost $399.99, so it appears that fans will get what they pay for.

The new replica is basically a bargain-bin alternative, since most replicas and busts have steep prices anyway. But ideally, the authenticity of the figure should be more than a conversation piece.

For example, in May 2022, Premium Collectibles Studio revealed a 1/3 scale Miles Morales statue. That model earned its $1000 price tag with customizable features and enough accuracy to convince actor Nadji Jeter to take a photo with the replica.

Still, Horizon Forbidden West fans who lost out on the 1/6 scale model are getting another opportunity to pre-order Aloy and show their support for the series, which has continued to succeed as a flagship exclusive for PlayStation users.

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