How to bind arrow keys in DNF Duel

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DNF Duel is the newest fighting game developed by Arc Systems Works, the undisputed kings of the fighting game genre. This new brawler has a wide array of unique mechanics and a stunning roster of characters with further unique moves. For some players, DNF Duel’s key binds aren’t quite up to snuff. If you’re looking for how to rebind your arrow keys, this guide is for you.

Binding Arrow Keys in DNF Duel

Any player who’s tried to bind the arrow keys in DNF Duel has noticed that they are locked out of changing these keybinds. This is because these keys are bound to the second player for local play, and can’t be changed by player one. While frustrating, there is an easy solution to this problem.

To get started, go into the menu and select Game Settings. From here, you need to set Number of Players on Keyboard to 2. Close the menu, and when it prompts you to restart the game, select yes.

Once the game has restarted, open the settings menu again. From here, select Button Settings and press the right Shift key to open the player 2 keyboard buttons.

From the player 2 side, simply change all of the arrow keys to something else. This will then free up your arrow keys, allowing you to bind them for player 1. This method also works for the Numpad and all the keys bound to player 2.

And you’re done! Use this to free up any keys you won’t need for player 2, allowing you to truly customize your keyboard layout to your liking. If you liked this guide and found it helpful, be sure to leave a comment below and check out our other DNF Duel guides and articles.

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