How to find Muzan in Project Slayers

Roblox Project Slayers is a an RPG fighting game that will have you creating a character in the world of the Demon Slayer anime and manga. You will be able to decide to continue on as a human and fight off demons, or go to the dark side and attack the people you once called your own. If you want to know where you can find Muzan, we’ll tell you where in this guide.

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Finding Muzan

To find Muzan in Project Slayers, you will first have to wait until night time in the game. He will only spawn when it is night. The second part of the puzzle is actually locating him. He shows up in a random spot during the dark hours. The spawns are consistent but there are quite a few of them.

The best method for finding him is to server hop and run through the different Butterfly Mansion spawns. He can spawn in three different areas, which gives you the best chance of find him quickly. Just join a server, teleport to Butterfly Mansion via the Horse Guy, and look for him at the locations. If you don’t see him, leave the game and join a new server to try again.

I recommend watching the video below to find his spawns. If you want to know the Butterfly Mansion locations, here are some timestamps: 1:18, 1:33, and 2:00.

If you don’t have time to waste, you can always purchase the Muzan Game Pass. It will alert you when Muzan has spawned and show you where you can find him. It’s 600 Robux, so it’s really only for people who have plenty to burn.

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That’s everything we know on how to find Muzan in the game. We’ve got more details about the experience in the Project Slayers section of our website.

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