How to make babies in Clanfolk

Clanfolk is a brand new medieval colony sim that puts you in charge of a struggling clan in the Scottish Highlands. Starting with nothing but an empty plot of land and your immediate family, it’s up to you to tame the world around you and create a clan that will last the ages. In a colony sim this brutal, the only thing between survival and ruin is your knowledge and the decisions you make; In this guide, we’ll show you how to make babies, so you can expand your clan and last for ages.

Making new clan members in Clanfolk

Making babies is the best way to grow your clan over a long period of time, and is the only way to ensure the survival of your clan past the unpredictable lifespans of its current members. To make a baby, your clan folk only need a few things, which are listed here:

  • A private room with a double bed
  • A high mood (over 7500)
  • Full stomachs
  • If the couple already has a baby, it must be to be over halfway grown into a juvenile

If all of these requirements are met, your clan folk will make a baby and progress your clan’s progeny.

In order to have the “private” status, a room must only contain the owners of one bed sleeping inside of it. Because of this, you must have married clan folk in order to get the private room status alongside a double bed.

Give a couple time off will help improve their mood, helping you prepare them for babymaking. If the weather is cold, they will have a mood penalty when wearing sack or fur clothing, so make sure they have clothing made of wool for the winter seasons. Linen clothing, which are best suited for summer, give a mood boost, making summer the best time to improve the moods of your clan folk.

That’s everything you need to know to make a baby in Clanfolk! If you found this guide helpful, leave a comment below letting us know how big your clan has gotten after reading it.

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