How to plant seeds in Dinkum

Dinkum is the newest farming and crafting game on Steam. In this down-under adventure, players can join up with their friends to explore a world based on the Australian outback. While the game may be a relaxing journey, building your town in the bush can be hard if you’re not prepared. In this guide, we’ll show you how to plant seeds so you can start growing a garden.

Planting seeds in Dinkum

Before you can plant seeds in Dinkum, you will need a shovel. Purchasing a shovel first requires you to own an excavation license. You’ll have to save up permit points from other activities, and then go to Fletch to get this license. Afterward, you can buy a shovel from John for 1200 Dinks.

Equip your shovel and dig a hole in the ground. This dirt will stay in your shovel until later. Next, equip any seed with the “bury” trait and drop it directly into the hole. You can drop one seed at a time by pressing Q. Now, equip the shovel again, and use the dirt already in it to bury the seed. The seed needs to actually be in the hole and re-covered by the dirt in order to grow.

If you’re trying to bury bags of seeds, you’ll instead need to get a hoe from the botanist and use it on the ground. The botanist will come to town occasionally.

That’s all you need to know to bury seeds in Dinkum! If you liked this guide and want to see more, leave a comment below and check out our other Dinkum guides.

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