HoYoverse is tracking down beta testers who leaked their clients

HoYoverse is introducing new measures to prevent Genshin Impact beta testers from leaking clients.

Genshin Impact’s developer, HoYoverse (formerly known as miHoYo), is a game company based in China. Since Genshin Impact’s first release, dataminers have been continuously leaking information from beta versions of the game. Although it is generally regarded that leaks are detrimental to marketing efforts because they reveal forthcoming content before it is made available to the public, some believe that leaks regarding Genshin Impact have been of significant assistance with promotions, particularly concerning upcoming playable characters.

With its gacha mechanics and a vast collection of fascinating playable characters, players are constantly looking forward to leaks to have a better sense of how they will spend their Primogems. However, HoYoverse seems to be taking datamining matters more seriously as seen by the addition of a method to locate beta testers who leaked their clients.

Recently, Twitter user and prominent Genshin Impact dataminer, Mero, posted that will feature a new way to track down beta testers who leaked their clients. It is assumed that it was introduced with the intention of preventing the contents of versions 3.2 beta and above from being disclosed in the future.

Genshin Impact fans have expressed mixed reactions, but are most evidently saddened that upcoming contents would not be revealed quickly. Meanwhile, the new tracking down measure also spurred speculations that version 3.2 seems to be heavy content, which was linked to the arrival of the highly awaited character, Scaramouche.

MiHoYo already had a history of taking down Genshin Impact leak websites. However, it appears that their previous action has not been effective as there are still several leak accounts across various social media platforms. While the new method for tracking down leaks seems to be more proactive, it is still uncertain whether it will be effective enough to stop contents from being leaked.

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