Human Fall Flat releases “Red Rock” level for all consoles

Human Fall Flat fans will now have a chance to unravel the mysterious new canyon level “Red Rock” for free on all consoles. Until now, this has been exclusively available for Steam users since March 17th, 2022.

Here’s the official announcement from the adorable indie game, which includes a promo of the new map and cosmetics:

Human Fall Flat is published by Curve Games, Super Rare Games, MP Digital and 505 Games, which partly contributed to Dead by Daylight. Many of these publishers have continued to champion a series of indie hits.

Human Fall Flat was an instant classic that released back in July of 2016, and it’s still getting new content eight years later thanks to a loyal and creative fanbase. Many of the recent updates have been due to community-created levels and

The game is a clever spin on the ragdoll subgenre, where mere physics is enough to create hilarious and unpredictable adventures. It’s also a perfect co-op title, allowing up to 8 players online, with puzzles that aren’t too challenging.

Some of the more recent levels have relied too much on platforming instead of the signature puzzles of the core game. In some ways, Red Rock still suffers from this issue, but there are new mechanics that are enjoyable enough to balance out some of its flaws.

For a clearer look at what console players can expect, you can check out the full launch trailer for Red Rock on Curve Games’ official YouTube channel here:

Console players are always last to receive the newest levels and cosmetics, encouraging fans to use Steam instead. That may invite more players to the Steam Deck, the hotly anticipated console which is now arriving earlier than expected.

It also means that console players get fewer updates, so the Red Rock announcement is surely a big relief. You can read more about Human Fall Flat and other hit indie games by checking out our news section!

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