Hunt: Showdown Devil’s Moon Event: New story, weapons, and rewards

Hunt: Showdown’s Devil’s Moon Event begins December 14 at 4 pm CET and will run until February 15, 2023, at 8 am CET. The event will bring new weekly missions, pacts, weapons and ammo, rewards, a new story, and more. Some rewards you can earn during this event include weapon charms, ammo, and Bloodbonds.

Details of the event were obtained from a Hunt: Showdown official post, and we’ve summarized everything you need to know below. Be sure to check out our Latest News section for more great content!

Devil’s Moon Event

Under the influence of the Devil’s Moon, trapped souls must be liberated from across the Bayou. Alongside the new Soul Traps you will find throughout the maps, we have a range of great new features for this event. Let’s take a look at a few below:

The Inferno

On select days during the event, “The Inferno” will be unleashed to set parts of the maps on fire. When this happens, you must find new ways to hunt as flames rage in different sections of the maps. How will you hunt when the heat is on?


Instead of Summons, you will get a new set of weekly challenges during this event.  The challenges each feature “reward milestones,” giving you stars, which can be converted to Event Points. 

There are four categories of increasingly challenging tasks, ranging from low-hanging fruit that will reward you with one star to skill-based challenges that will reward you with two stars for each completed task. Complete challenges throughout the week, earn the stars, get your Event Points, and then take on the next set of challenges.

There will always be four challenges available, and all four challenges can be progressed simultaneously. When a challenge is completed, it is automatically replaced by a new one from the same pool. You can reroll one Challenge per day for free; this reroll resets the next day.


During the Devil’s Moon event, you can join a pact, and they are available for those who take Mr. Chary’s coin, oppose him, or wish to tread a neutral path. 

Tied into the 15-chapter story of the live event, by pledging your Hunter’s allegiance to a pact, you will receive different event benefits, which will suit different play styles. All Hunters who enter the Bayou have chosen their side, but only certain Hunters will benefit from Event Points boosters too.

To join a pact, you need to earn a Pledge Mark. Once your Event Points cross a certain threshold, you can earn a Pledge Mark. Choosing a Pact can be done at Pledge Posts around the map, which replace the existing supply points. 

These Pledge Posts have 3 Ballot Boxes, each relating to a specific Pact; Lunar Pact, Infernal Pact, and Grounded Pact. Once pledged, that Hunter has made their choice and must stay with their chosen Pact until Death. Hunters can pledge twice to the same Pact, each time rewarding a new, powerful Trait.

When recruited, some Legendary Hunters will already be pledged to a particular Pact based on their disposition; however, they won’t come with any Pact Traits by default. A Hunter’s Pact is displayed during recruitment and after they have been recruited.

The Infernal Pact

“Mr. Chary was rich. Mr. Chary was powerful. And Mr. Chary had given out a lot of favors. When the time came to choose a side, many stayed with the AHA for the money, for the power, and to clear their debts. Some stayed because they had a history with the association, and others stayed because they refused to fight by the side of their enemies. Mr. Chary assured all that they would be paid handsomely for their loyalty, and his word was as good as gold.”

Infernal Pact Hunters:

  • Devil’s Advocate
  • Skinflint
  • Night Seer
  • Night Acolyte
  • Hawkshaw Jack
  • Private Eye
  • Ochenkov’s Widow

The Lunar Pact

“No one really knew what was going on with Chary and the AHA. They just knew it wasn’t right. They kept their heads down until a boy, and a nun approached them. The boy and the nun were quick to tell folks the truth of the matter: The old AHA was gone, and what Chary was doing with it would cause all of Louisiana to sink into Hell and The Sculptor’s Hands. The nun and the boy begged for aid to stop Chary, and many ignored the call. But just a few, with guilt and a sense of justice gnawing at their heart, came to help the boy.”

Lunar Pact Hunters:

  • The Redneck
  • The Concubine
  • Witch Hunter
  • Sgt. Bridgewater
  • The Reverend
  • False Saint

The Grounded Pact

“Many observed the chaos for a while and decided that it just wasn’t for them. What need did they have for Chary’s riches? What need did they have for Kevin’s promise of a better future? They all had their reasons for joining the Hunt, and nothing would deter them from their path. So, they would watch, and they would fight, and they would do things like they always did. Nothing would bother them, and if something tried, they would put them in their place with bullets like always.”

Grounded Pact Hunters:

  • Frau Perchta
  • The Archaeologist
  • Teche Wraith
  • The Wayfarer
  • Luna Wolf
  • Dire Wolf
  • Carcass Gunrunner

Pledge Marks

A maximum of 3 Pledge Marks can be gained in one mission, and Hunters hold up to four. They are tied to each Hunter and brought out when extracting. They are not physically carried by Hunters and cannot be directly taken from others. The current amount can be viewed in the mission and Roster.

Sources of Pledge Marks

  • Each time a Pledge Mark is gained, it will also be rewarded across the team. All three sources can only be earned once per mission.
  • Reaching the Event Point (EP) Threshold – Gaining 35 EP for the first time will reward 1 Pledge Mark.
  • Looting your first Hunter – Only the first Hunter looted will give 1 Pledge Mark. All loots after this will only provide Event Points.
  • Banishing your first Boss – Only the first Banish will give 1 Pledge Mark; banishing the second boss will only give Event Points.

Event Points

  • Interacting with an Event Clue or Rift – 10 EP
  • Starting to banish a boss – 12 EP
  • Extracting a bounty token – 30 EP
  • Interacting with a Soul Trap – 6 EP
  • Destroying Soul Trap – 3 EP
  • Looting an enemy Hunter – 12 EP
  • Becoming a “Soul Survivor” – 30 EP
  • Challenges – 400 – 900 EP

Soul Traps

Soul Traps are the event objects spawned in the world for Devil’s Moon, which can reward Hunters with Event Points. Active interaction with a Soul Trap will give the most Event Points.

However, they can also be destroyed in exchange for fewer points. This results in an explosion which, after a short fuse time, deals moderate damage to nearby Hunters, potentially leaving them bleeding.

  • Interaction – 6 EP and the Soul Trap is used up.
  • Destruction – 3 EP and the Soul Trap explodes, damaging anything in the vicinity.

Soul Traps glow red and produce a sound in the same manner as a Clue when enemy Hunters or Beetles are nearby. The detection range is also the same as a Clue.

Pact Traits

Traits gained through pledging to Pacts can be deactivated and activated during a mission. The rules for these states use a threshold that checks the currently held Pledge Marks against their original ‘cost’ to pledge (1 Pledge Mark for the first Trait and 4 for the second).

If you are under this threshold, it will deactivate the Trait. However, reaching the threshold will activate it.

Some Traits provide active effects and are triggered by certain conditions; these Traits can actively remove Pledge Marks (PM) when their effect is activated.

There are also three new conditional effects on existing Traits.  For the traits to be active, the Hunter must be pledged to the corresponding Pact while the Trait is equipped. The base effect will still be applied regardless of any Hunter’s pledged Pact.

Lunar Pact

  • Relentless (1 PM) – In exchange for all Pledge Marks, your Hunter doesn’t lose a health chunk when downed.
  • Indomitable (4 PM)- If you have 4 Pledge Marks, health regenerates continuously until fully healed.
  • Resilience (Conditional effect) – Your Hunter is revived with up to full health. (Hunter must be Pledged to Lunar Pact.)

Infernal Pact

  • Fire Eater (1 PM) – In exchange for 1 Pledge Mark, when a health chunk is burnt away, it is instead instantly restored.
  • Flame Touched (4 PM)- If you have 4 Pledge Marks, you can’t catch on fire even when down, but your health chunks still burn at a slower rate while in flames.
  • Salveskin (Conditional effect) – Increases the regeneration speed of partially burned health chunks. (Hunter must be Pledged to Infernal Pact.)

Grounded Pact

  • Death Cheat (1 PM)- In exchange for all Pledge Marks, you will not lose your Hunter if you fail to extract.
  • Shadow (4 PM) – If you have at least 4 Pledge Marks, monsters can’t see you, but they still can hear you.
  • Necromancer (Conditional effect) – When playing Solo, you can revive your downed Hunter. (Hunter must be Pledged to Grounded Pact.)
  • Event Traits and conditionals are only available during the event. Once the event is finished, they will be removed.

New Weapons & Custom Ammo

New Weapon: Springfield M1892 Krag

The Springfield M1892 Krag is a repeating bolt-action rifle known for its smooth and easy-to-use bolt action and magazine, which was considered an advantage and disadvantage. Although most other contemporary rifles featured a top-loading magazine that allowed for stripper clips, the receiver positioned on the side of Springfield M1892 Krag’s allowed the cartridges to be loaded without the need to open the bolt.

Ammo types (Custom Ammo)

  • Basic Ammo – 5+1/6
  • Incendiary Ammo – 5+1/6
  • FMJ Ammo – 5+1/6

Developer Note:

With the addition of the Springfield M1892 Krag, we are exploring new grounds for bolt action rifles in terms of reload and rate of fire. The Krag is the fastest-firing bolt action in game, but this fast rate of fire comes at a cost in terms of damage. There is no need for the Bulletgrubber Trait since the Krag does not eject live rounds when performing a partial reload.

New Weapon Variant: LeMat Mark II Carbine

As the LeMat Mark II’s infamy grew, other versions of the same weapon emerged around the US, featuring various attachments or modifications. Though the extra barrel for one shotgun shell made the LeMat Mark II a highly effective revolver in close quarters, its heavy frame made it difficult to aim. To compensate for this disadvantage, a rifle stock was attached to the handle for increased accuracy and smoother handling. In addition, the extended barrel increases the revolver’s overall power and reduces the shotgun shell’s spread.

Ammo types (Custom Ammo)

  • Basic Ammo – 9/18
  • Incendiary Ammo – 9/18
  • FMJ Ammo – 9/18
  • Basic Shotgun Ammo – 1/5
  • Starshell Ammo – 1/5
  • Dragon Breath Ammo – 1/5
  • Slug Ammo – 1/5

Developer Note:

The LeMat Mark II Carbine is our newest carbine addition to the arsenal. It fills the gap between the Nagant M1895 Officer Carbine and the Winfield M1873. Its rate of fire and accuracy are increased compared to its base version. This benefit results from adding a stock, making the weapon more stable. However, this stock causes a longer reload since the weapon has increased in size and becomes a bit harder to handle during a reload.

New Weapon Variant: Martini-Henry IC1 Ironside

The Martini-Henry IC1 served the British Empire as a service rifle for many years until other modern rifles outclassed it due to its outdated cycling mechanism. The rifle owners decided to take matters into their own hands and designed an external magazine with five extra cartridges. In addition to the one in the chamber, it allowed the wielder to cycle with one quick motion, turning Martini-Henry IC1 into a makeshift repeating rifle. But this invention had its flaws too. Those who used the mechanism had to readjust their aiming, for the mechanism blocked some of their vision while aiming down sights.

Ammo types (Custom Ammo)

  • Basic Ammo – 5+1/10
  • Incendiary Ammo – 5+1/10
  • FMJ Ammo – 5+1/10
  • Explosive Ammo – 5+1/8

Developer Note:

The Martini-Henry IC1 Ironside is our new bulky addition to the arsenal. Like the Romero Alamo, it is difficult to operate but rewards that difficulty with a faster rate of fire than the base version. Since the Ironside is quite obstructive in its field of view, we decided that the Iron Repeater trait is built into the weapon to allow easier follow-up shots. Meanwhile, the weapon does not benefit from the Levering trait due to the weapon not being comfortable with lever fire.

New Weapon Variant: Winfield M1876 Centennial Trauma

As the original Winfield M1876 Centennial’s reputation quickly grew in the same year it was introduced to the market, many firearms enthusiasts and hunters discovered its potential in modifications and attachments. This rifle version features a reinforced stock that delivers a hit as heavy and deadly as a sledgehammer, making it viable in melee combat.

Ammo types (Custom Ammo)

  • Basic Ammo – 9+1/12
  • Poison Ammo – 9+1/12
  • FMJ Ammo – 9+1/12
    • Developer Note: With the addition of the Winfield M1876 Centennial Trauma, we are adding another strong, blunt melee variant. While using this weapon, you are wielding a hammer’s strength, which comes in handy when you want to get rid of those pesky immolators.

New Custom Ammo for Existing Weapons

Caldwell Pax & Caldwell Pax Claw
  • Added Poison Ammo – 6/12
  • Added FMJ Ammo – 6/12
    • Developer Note: With these additional custom ammo types, we want to encourage the use of the Pax more by allowing players to incorporate the Pax more into their favorite loadouts.
Springfield 1866
  • Added Poison Ammo – 1/12
    • Developer Note: This addition to the Springfield 1866 rifle now lets you bring poison ammo. Like the custom ammo additions to the Pax, it allows for more freedom when building loadouts.
Bomb Lance
  • Added Dragon Breath Ammo – ⅕
    • Developer Note: This ammo type creates a several-meter-long jet of flames that ignites anything in its path. It allows for an alternative playstyle for the Bomb Lance using the dragon breath ammo type.
  • Added Steel Ball Ammo – 1/7
    • Developer Note: While using this ammo type, the spring firing mechanism of the Bomb Lance is repurposed to launch a deadly burst of Steel Balls. When launched, the Steel Balls spread out like shotgun shell pellets. When the Steel Balls are launched, the only sound your victims will be able to hear is the spring mechanism of the Bomb Lance. Therefore, this is our first silent shotgun-like ammo.

Rewards and Battle Pass

A new Battle Pass is available for the Devil’s Moon event with various rewards depending on whether you choose the standard Battle Pass or Premium Battle Pass. There is also a free path as well that is available for all players. 

Battle Pass price: 1500 BBs

  • Serpent Moon Weapon Charm
  • Unlocks Premium Progression
  • Unlocks extra Challenge rewards for faster progression

Battle Pass Premium: 3375 BBs

  • Serpent Moon Weapon Charm
  • Unlocks Premium Progression
  • Unlocks extra Challenge rewards for faster progression
  • Immediately gives ten levels for the progression with a discount

Please note that you cannot upgrade from the standard Battle Pass to the Battle Pass Premium once you have chosen it. However, you can unlock the levels by purchasing them separately, meaning you can play your way if you choose to do so.

Free Tier Rewards

  • Weapon Charm – Iron Arrowhead
  • Chapter 1 (Story)
  • Custom Ammo Unlock – Springfield 1866 Poison Ammo
  • Custom Ammo Unlock – Caldwell Pax Poison Ammo
  • Chapter 2 (Story)
  • Weapon Unlock – Winfield M1876 Centennial Trauma
  • Chapter 3 (Story)
  • Custom Ammo Unlock – Bomblance Dragon Breath Ammo
  • Custom Ammo Unlock – Caldwell Pax FMJ Ammo
  • Chapter 4 (Story)
  • Weapon Unlock – Martini Henry Ironside
  • Chapter 5 (Story)
  • Weapon Charm – The Knight
  • Custom Ammo Unlock – Bomblance Steel Ball Ammo
  • Chapter 6 (Story)
  • Weapon Unlock – LeMat Mark II Carbine
  • Chapter 7 (Story)
  • Weapon Unlock – Springfield M1892 Krag
  • Chapter 8 (Story)
  • Custom Ammo Unlock – Springfield M1892 Krag FMJ Ammo
  • Custom Ammo Unlock – Springfield M1892 Krag Incendiary Ammo
  • Chapter 9 (Story)
  • 100 Bloodbonds
  • Legendary Hive Bomb – Necrosis
  • Chapter 10 (Story)
  • Chapter 11 (Story)
  • Chapter 12 (Story)
  • Legendary Concertina Trip Mine – Devil’s Dream
  • Legendary Stamina Shot – Ksusha
  • Chapter 13 (Story)
  • Weapon Charm – Hay Effigy
  • Chapter 14 (Story)
  • Legendary Romero Handcannon – Greed
  • Chapter 15 (Story)
  • Legendary Hunter – False Saint

Battle Pass Tier Rewards

  • Legendary Vitality Shot – Zeal
  • Legendary Winfield M1876 Centennial Trauma – Smolder
  • Weapon Charm – Fated Chance
  • Legendary Martini Henry Ironside – Agony Eternal
  • Weapon Charm – Hare’s Breadth
  • Legendary LeMat Mark II Carbine – Obituary
  • Legendary Springfield M1892 Krag – Talisman
  • Legendary Hunter – Ochenkov’s Widow
  • 200 Bloodbonds
  • 100 Bloodbonds
  • 100 Bloodbonds
  • 100 Bloodbonds
  • 100 Bloodbonds
  • Weapon Charm – Cardinal Icarus
  • 300 Bloodbonds
  • Legendary Scottfield Spitfire – Dying Sun

Loyalty Bonus

A loyalty bonus of 1000 Blood Bonds will be given to players who complete the following activities:

  • Complete the last level of the Devil’s Moon Event
  • Purchase the Bornheim No. 3 – Funeral Dirge in the Event store
  • Purchase the Event DLC – Frau Perchta – the December DLC

Event Boosters

  • Event Trait – Signee (6 Upgrade Points) – +10% to EP earned in mission
  • Event Legendary Hunters – +10% to EP earned in mission
    • Frau Perchta (DLC) – Grounded Pact
    • Ochenkov’s Widow (Event) – Infernal Pact
    • Devil’s Advocate (Legacy Event) – Infernal Pact
    • Skinflint (Legacy Event) – Infernal Pact
      • Witch Hunter (DLC) – Lunar Pact
    • Redneck (BB) – Lunar Pact
  • The Archeologist (DLC) – Grounded Pact
  • Contracts – +50% Event Points Boost
    • 3-Hour Contract – 60 Bloodbonds
    • 24-Hour Contract – 100 Bloodbonds
    • 3 Days Contract – 200 Bloodbonds

Event DLC

Launching during the Devil’s Moon Live Event is the “Frau Perchta” DLC featuring a new Legendary Hunter, plus new Legendary Weapons. Frau Perchta is available in two variations, a first for Hunt.

This DLC includes the following: Frau Perchta in two variations, two Legendary weapons, and one Legendary consumable:

  • Frau Perchta at Dawn
  • Frau Perchta at Dusk (variant)
  • Midwinter Tusk (Martini-Henry IC1)
  • Unkempt (LeMat Mark II)
  • The Avalanche (Frag Bomb)

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