HYENAS alpha gameplay footage leaked

Image: SEGA

HYENAS, Sega and Creative Assembly’s newly announced shooter, has just had its alpha gameplay footage leaked online. The game was announced with a lack-luster reveal during an IGN stream, which didn’t show off any of the title’s actual gameplay. Thanks to this leak, players can get a clear idea of what HYENAS’ gameplay is like, even if it is an alpha build.

This leak comes from Youtube channel Glitch3r, who posted just over an hour of footage from the game’s alpha state. The 53-subscriber channel claims to be one of the few players to receive an early alpha copy of HYENAS, making his video possibly the only source for HYENAS alpha footage on the internet.

As explained early on in the video, HYENAS is a competitive shooter where several teams of three are matched up against each other to steal relics from a bygone era. The team to make it out of the match with the most walkmans, Nintendos and Pez dispensers wins, meaning players must both crack open vaults and defend their haul from other players.

While the market for competitive FPS games is a bit saturated at the moment, HYENAS seems to at least bring in some unique gameplay elements that separate it from the rest. The PAYDAY-style bank-breaking mechanics combined with a familiar battle-royale style PVP looks like it’ll make for an interesting game.

While not wholly original, HYENAS seems to have some fresh ideas that should elevate it above some of it’s competition in the genre.

If you want to know more about HYENAS, be sure to check out our post recapping the HYENAS reveal trailer. Leave a comment below letting us know what you think about HYENAS’ leaked gameplay and what you’d like to see added to the game.

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