Indie party game “Volley Pals” revealed for 2023 with trailer

Volley Pals, an upcoming indie game with classic arcade-style art design, has just been announced with a new release window and trailer. The multiplayer game is currently scheduled to launch sometime in Q2 of 2023, for Steam, Switch and Xbox.

Volley Pals was developed and published by NAISU. In most of their previous titles, NAISU has mainly relied on suggestive content, as in Dark Fantasy 2: Jigsaw Puzzle.

So, today’s trailer for Volley Pals is a welcome surprise from NAISU. Not just for its wholesomeness and friendliness, but also its nostalgic take on old arcade gameplay.

NAISU also worked on Chibi Volleyball, and with the dark platformer Creep planned to release in Q4 of 2023, it seems the devs are revisiting old territory to find a new direction.

Volley Pals is expected to boast a variety of levels, each with their own themes and mechanics, according to the Steam product page. The trailer also includes a nod to a customizable level, where players can create their own rules to increase replay value.

The game will even support up to four players, in local multiplayer. As a result, it does seem like it would be fun in a lineup of party indies, but perhaps not on its own.

The gameplay in the trailer does hint at a decent sense of humor, with odd mini-games and silly characters that are slightly off-putting. However, the novelty of its cartoonish approach could potentially be worn out pretty quickly.

Still, it’s hard to complain about NAISU trying something a little more mainstream, harmless, and not at all tacky. There was clearly a lot more effort put into this title compared to their previous volleyball venture. Its tone also fits with similar party games, akin to Jackbox Party Pack.

You can read more about Volley Pals and other upcoming indie games by checking out the rest of our news section!

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