Indie puzzler Reky announces October release date for Consoles

Reky, a logic puzzle game inspired by technical drawings, will finally be available for console users this week, on October 14th, 2022. The game originally launched back in 2019, marking a three-year journey, and the port only received a window just last week. It will be available on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation. Here’s today’s big reveal from publisher Red Deer Games’ Twitter feed:

Reky has proven to have surprising legs over the years thanks to its potent hook, which boasts a clever approach to the art design and a meditative tone of gameplay. Its original launch would have arrived just in time for audiences stuck at home, and the concept of exploring technical drawings is brilliantly simple.

Technical drawings have a very unique kind of texture, with limitless shapes that allowed the puzzles a special kind of personality, in addition to their freedom. Altogether, these features have made Reky the perfect game to take on the go.

Reky would be a perfect addition to the Switch library, as the Nintendo Switch has basically been the optimal device for mobile gaming. Although, it’s also been clear that the Steam Deck has entered the scene with a bang, offering an extraordinary number of features, despite the steep price tag that Valve just revealed.

As an indie game, Reky is pretty flexible, but it might not play as well on the PlayStation or Xbox. After all, the full TV experience probably won’t line up with the cozy mood of the game. It’s meant to be tucked away with to relax.

But widening the platforms beyond Steam should at least renew interest in the game, devs and publishers, and everyone deserves a chance to try this one out.

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