Jurassic World Evolution 2 teases new Late Cretaceous Pack

Jurassic World Evolution 2, the popular builder and dinosaur management game, has officially revealed a new teaser and key details for four brand-new species from the Late Cretaceous period. The pack will be available for purchase this week, on September 15th, for $7.99 USD.

Although the teaser is very brief, fans do get a glimpse at the new species in-game. Here’s the announcement and teaser from the game’s Twitter feed:

The dinosaurs have truly become the stars of the completed Jurassic franchise, so it’s always a joy to find new additions in Evolution. These animals look absolutely beautiful, and the Late Cretaceous pack will offer a solid variety of species. This includes the flying Barbaridactylus, spined Alamosaurus, carnivore Australovenator, and the marine Styxosaurus.

The official Steam product page also teases that Styxosaurus will allow players to toy around with different bioluminescent patterns, which will be plenty of fun for a marine animal.

These packs can sometimes feel a little pricey, but given these new additions in particular, the investment should be fairly worthwhile. However, even though new species are often the biggest hook of the game, some fans remain unhappy.

Although new dinosaurs surely take quite a lot of work to create, the game isn’t really lacking a strong selection to care for. Instead, fans quickly responded to the new teaser with requests for new decorations or attractions, to allow more creativity on the park management side of things.

Fans hit those walls some time ago, and Jurassic World Evolution 2 is quickly approaching its one-year launch anniversary. There just hasn’t been enough new content on other facets of the gameplay to balance out the new species. For now, players will simply have to wait for some kind of DLC.

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