Karakin now available on PUBG Battlegrounds PC Test Servers with Update 20.1

PUBG Battlegrounds is set to launch Update 20.1 on October 11 for PC and October 19 for console, offering changes and additions to both the Test Server and Live Server. The new update will also mark the beginning of Season 20 Ranked release of various new features, including new items, gunplay, as well as some bug fixes.

Karakin (Codename: Rapide) is PUBG Battlegrounds’ fifth playable map. It is a 2-by-2-kilometer island located off the coast of North Africa. Karakin is the first map on which PUBG Battlegrounds incorporated an ever-changing Black Zone. On this island, instead of the usual 100 participants in other islands’ conflicts, there are only 64 players. It is a dry, rocky location with an expansive landscape and difficult encounters.

In the Update 20.1 Patch notes of PUBG Battlegrounds, the Karakin map has been added to the PC Test server. As such, players will get the opportunity to try out some of the gameplay and elements that are presently being developed by PUBG for the Karakin map through this. The following are some more details about the Map Service for Test Server:

Map Service Test Server

  • Normal Match: Erangel / Deston / Karakin
    • AS region: Squad
    • NA region: Squad – FPP

Meanwhile, the Karakin map has not been updated since the 15.2 update of Season 15, which was the most recent time it was. Karakin’s collisions, textures, performance, and other more general concerns have all been addressed in PUBG’s latest Update 20.1.

Although the Update 20.1 features seem to be ready for the actual game builds at this point, it is possible that these may all be altered or even eliminated in the future for a variety of reasons, including game-related concerns, feedback from the player community, and bugs. In addition, the graphics that are now shown in the patch notes are merely there to serve as visual guides; the actual game builds, which are always being developed and improved, may appear different from the photos that are currently displayed.

Find out more about Update 20.1 on the official website of PUBG Battlegrounds.

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