Kirby’s Dream Buffet reveals Game Types and more in Overview Trailer

Nintendo has just released about three minutes of Kirby’s Dream Buffet footage in their new Overview Trailer, with narration that explains the three core Game Types. The game will be a Nintendo Switch exclusive, scheduled to release on August 17th, 2022.

You can watch the full trailer on Nintendo’s official YouTube channel here:

The trailer begins by recapping the simple story the first teaser already hinted at, where a “Dream Fork” shrinks Kirby. Four players can play together, and the goal across all three Game Types is to eat the most strawberries, becoming the biggest Kirby.

“Race” is the first Game Type, with rules that speak for themselves. You’ll simply need to reach the end goal first. However, eating strawberries will help your Kirby grow, giving you more strength. A bigger Kirby can knock smaller opponents aside.

There will also be Copy Food Abilities, which grant special abilities in-game. The Tornado will automatically scoop up nearby strawberries, while Jelly can help Kirby slip through walls. Hi-Jump gives Kirby a massive boost into the air, so that you can land far ahead of opponents.

“Mini-Game” is a second Game Type of its own, where you’ll need to compete for strawberries that fall from the sky, or strawberries that are hidden in boxes.

Lastly, there’s “Battle Royale”, where you need to knock opponents off the stage in order to take their strawberries. This mode will offer new Copy Food abilities such as Drill, which lets you travel underground for a while and pop up with an attack. The Stone ability will allow players to create a wave attack by stamping the ground.

It seems that all three modes will play a part in each match, making the game look even more like Fall Guys with a larger budget. The biggest Kirby at the end of all modes is the winner.

Total strawberries earned will give players rewards. These include costumes, or character treats from the entire Kirby series that appear on the starting line. Players will need to earn strawberries to unlock new stages, and there will be online play.

You can read more about all of Kirby’s latest updates by checking out our news section!

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