League of Legends: Rell’s rework leaked on Twitter

Image: Riot Games

Rell is one of League of Legend’s most thematically interesting supports. Despite her awesome story of defying Noxian authority and her fantasy of horse-riding metal manipulation, Rell has fallen flat with all but the most dedicated mains. Riot promised to update her relatively simple kit to compete with her fellow supports with a full Rell rework, and the first details have just been leaked on Twitter.

Coming from @Gaax__, this credible leak shows the tooltips for Rell’s new abilities. There are no signs of the screenshots being fake or edited.

To sum up Rell’s new rework, it would seem that the Iron Maiden is getting much more reliable crowd control and losing a lot of her self-slow downtime. Her w has been moved to her ult and replaced with a new shielding ability, giving Rell two self-shields.

In addition, she has been given more movement speed and anti-shielding power, making her more reliable in both offensive and defensive plays.

The new Ferromancy has a much shorter cooldown, reducing the time Rell has to spend self-slowed. It also has a new hard-CC move, allowing her to flip enemies behind her, very similar to Singed’s hard CC move.

To summarize, Rell’s new rework is looking good. It’s hard to say that Rell was underwhelming before, but this update definitely adds a lot to her kit, giving her more tools and making her a much stronger pick. With the upcoming pre-season changes, its easy to see Rell becoming a strong support when this rework releases.

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