League of Legends reveal K’sante official preview trailer

League of Legends has recently unveiled a brand new Champion that will be joining the roster!

League of Legends continues to bring new contents for players to enjoy. The most recent patch 12.19 for League of Legends included some exciting new content, including improvements to a variety of champions as well as the highly awaited Spirit Blossom skinline. Now, Riot plans to release a new Champion known as K’Sante – “The Hunter’s Pride, who will provide gamers with a different kind of gameplay to experience.

K’Sante’s teaser trailer was recently leaked on the Chinese video streaming platform, Bilibili. Eventually, the official reveals trailer for K’Sante was immediately made available on the official League of Legends Twitter page. In the trailer, K’Sante can be seen looking at a map and a book that has images of a variety of monsters that have been teased before by Riot. He is speaking angrily about the dangers that are threatening his hometown, Nazumah, and promises to protect it.

According to earlier rumors, K’Sante will be a top lane bruiser tank champion in the League of Legends. Some fans have speculated that he will already have a prestige skin by the time he is released into the game. In the meantime, very little is known about the abilities possessed by K’Sante. Regardless, League of Legends may announce further details about the new Champion very soon.

There is currently no confirmed date for the release of K’Sante. Fans may expect that K’Sante will arrive over the offseason, once Worlds 2022 has come to a close, as this is the most logical time frame. There are currently two updates scheduled for this time frame, with release dates of November 16 and December 7. As such, may anticipate K’Sante’s arrival on the dates when patches are slated to be released.

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