Leak reveals possible PvP mode coming to Genshin Impact

A Genshin Impact leak suggests that the title will soon have a permanent player-versus-player mode!

Genshin Impact is an action-packed role-playing game developed and published by HoYoverse, formerly known as miHoYo. It features a vast open world, in which players are free to explore and fulfill missions as they go through the story. In addition, Genshin Impact features a multiplayer mode that operates in a Co-op form and may support a maximum of four players. Players can interact to conquer Domains, take on Bosses, and take part in certain time-limited events when playing in Co-op mode.

Although the Co-op mode in Genshin Impact has shown to be one of the most exciting aspects of the game, some fans are holding out hope that the multiplayer mode would be expanded to include more player-versus-player combat. Meanwhile, Genshin Impact 3.0 is still on its way to being released, but there are already leaks of version 3.1 appearing online. The most recent leaks concerning Genshin Impact indicated that the 3.1 update would finally include a permanent PvE and PvP mode.

According to dataminer, Merlin, the upcoming Genshin Impact 3.1 update will introduce the Trading Card Game as a permanent game mode. It will have player vs NPC battles, also known as PvE, and there may even be player-versus-player battles (PvP). It would appear that HoYoverse is planning to incorporate more PvP modes if the rumors about the Genshin Impact PvP Trading Card Game are true. As the multiplayer component of Genshin Impact is developed further, player vs player action battles may eventually be added to the game as well. Regardless, leaks are always susceptible to modification. Players may anticipate leaks to be formally confirmed in the Genshin Impact Special Program as well as with the release of version 3.1. Visit the Genshin Impact page on the HoYolab website for the latest news and information.

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