Legends of Runeterra new expansion is set to arrive on October 12

A new expansion for Legends of Runeterra is scheduled to be released soon, which will include new champions, content, and events.

Legends of Runeterra is a digital collectible card game developed and published by Riot Games. It is free-to-play and available for Microsoft Windows and mobile operating systems iOS and Android. It also monetizes on purchasable in-game cosmetics.

LoR is currently running The Darkin Saga which consists of a series of new expansions that will be published once a month beginning in September and are scheduled to be completed by the end of the year. The Darkin Saga Roadmap was previously published, providing a preview of the forthcoming content and events that are expected to arrive before the end of the year as well as a look at certain releases scheduled for 2023.

Recently, Legends of Runeterra reveals the launch date of the new expansion, “The Darkin Saga: Domination.” as well as a sneak peek at its upcoming champions. The new expansion will be a follow-up to “The Darkin Saga: Awakening,” which was released in September, and it will offer the second of three sets of cards that are associated with the Darkin Saga. The October expansion will introduce three new champions, the Archlight event, and new PvE champions. Watch The Darkin Saga: Domination Trailer, courtesy of Legends of Runeterra’s official Youtube channel:

The preview video mainly features the new champion Varus along with other champions that seem to be part of the new champions set and the new PvE champions collection. On October 12, the Darkin Saga: Domination expansion will be made available. Meanwhile, following The Darkin Saga: Domination’s release, the 2022 World Championship for Legends of Runeterra is scheduled to take place in the month of November. Find out more about the Worlds 2022 update on the Legends of Runeterra’s official website.

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