Lost Ark announces The Witcher crossover for 2023

Lost Ark, the popular MMORPG from 2019 best known for its compelling combat, has just announced a new crossover event with The Witcher. A concrete release date hasn’t been revealed yet, but it’s due sometime in 2023. There are no immediate details about the upcoming content to expect, but it will certainly feature Geralt.

The surprise announcement has floored fans of both titles, as an unexpected but promising crossover. While there have been many comparisons to the Monster Hunter World crossover with The Witcher, Lost Ark should be better suited and has the potential to include far more content.

Most of the time, crossovers with AAA titles and smaller games tend to include simple cosmetics. In fact, that’s all The Witcher in particular has really done with its past crossovers. However, Lost Ark is a relatively new MMO title with the freedom to add a narrative or two. So, it’s unclear how literal the devs are being when they tease new “adventures” in store for Geralt.

The news comes shortly after The Witcher developer CD Projekt Red announced a massive remake for the original game. They’ll be partnering with studio Fool’s Theory to rebuild the entire game from the ground up in Unreal Engine Five.

The Witcher also recently collaborated with AFK Arena, for a crossover event that included Geralt and Yennefer. AFK Arena is another popular RPG, which still performs well in the mobile scene.

So, fans of The Witcher have had nothing but great news and activity on the gaming side of things, even as Henry Cavill departs the well-received TV series. The Witcher remains a staple of the fantasy genre, and it’s been a joy to see it champion smaller, deserving titles with a few tie-ins.

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