Lost Ark Halloween Twitch Drops contain chests and amethyst shards

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From October 24 to October 31, Lost Ark Twitch viewers can earn new Halloween-themed Twitch Drops this spooky season! Watch participating Twitch streams to earn drops that contain a Pumpkin Mask Chest, 3 Battle Item Chests, and 1,000 Amethyst Shards! We’ve included information from the official Lost Ark Steam Page on the eligibility requirements and how to participate below.

Lost Ark Halloween-Themed Twitch Drop 


Lost Ark fans must accumulate 4 hours of watch time in participating Lost Ark streams to claim this Drop reward.

Linking Your Account with Twitch

To gain the drops, you must ensure that your Lost Ark Steam account has been linked to your Twitch account. Once you’ve linked the two, any newly claimed Twitch Drops will automatically be delivered to the Lost Ark game linked to your Steam account.

To link the accounts, you’ll need to:

  • Sign in with your Twitch Account on the Lost Ark Drops page
  • Link your accounts
  • Activate the Twitch Drops for Lost Ark

Earning a Twitch Drop

To earn a Drop, make sure that you:

  • Log in to Twitch
  • Make sure your profile is set to Online
  • Watch any Lost Ark broadcast marked with the “Drops Enabled” tag

Once you’ve met the requirements, you’ll see a call-out at the top of the chat to claim. You can always claim or check your drop progress in the Drops inventory section on Twitch.

Please note that you will need to claim the Drop; otherwise, it won’t appear in the game.

Lost Ark Twitch Drop Streams

Any broadcast in the Lost Ark category on Twitch can enable the Drops. However, you must ensure that the stream you’re watching has the tag “drops enabled”; otherwise, the watch time won’t count towards the Drops 4-hour watch time accumulation goal. 

Enjoy your favorite participating Lost Ark Twitch streams and earn new Halloween-themed Twitch Drops until October 31! Be sure to check out our Lost Ark section for more great content!

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