Mario Kart announces NA Open Tournament for July 2022

Mario Kart fans in Canada, Mexico, and the US will have the chance to win 2,500 My Nintendo Gold Points over six different days beginning July 22, 2022. The competition will be available during two weekends, and players must reach the top 8 any day to win.

Here’s the official announcement from Nintendo of America’s Twitter feed:

The races will last six hours, between noon and 6 PM each day of the tournament. It’s an Open competition, but there are more than a few rules to break down.

Mario Kart NA Open rules and details

The competition is only set for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and it’s free to join. Fans will simply need to enter a series of Tournament ID codes in-game to enter the races.

You’ll be allowed to compete each day of the ongoing tournament, but you can only play up to 24 races. Players will also need to be subscribed to any Nintendo Online Membership. But if you don’t want to invest, the trial membership will also be accepted.

Winners are going to be determined by the in-game ranking system, and any ties could be resolved by whoever received their final event point total first. So, be sure to get in early. Groups will be shuffled every 4th match.

The tournament will include 150cc Races, with no teams and normal items. All vehicles are welcome, but you won’t have Smart Steering. This allows players to take shortcuts and carve unique paths at will, but it also means that you can fly right off any map.

Winners will be notified on or around August 15th, so keep checking the email associated with your Nintendo account. If you miss an email from Nintendo, your prize could be forfeited to someone else, or no one at all.

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