Mario Kart Tour releases Autumn Celebration with new challenges and rewards

Mario Kart Tour introduces the Autumn Celebration Tour as the eighty-second tour, starting from October 4 to November 15 (PT.)

Mario Kart Tour is a kart mobile racing game and the fourteenth franchise in the Mario Kart series. This game is developed and published by Nintendo for iOS and Android devices. Mario Kart Tour features biweekly-themed tours with different cups with a bonus challenge. Also, there are rewards for every challenge met. On November 1 (PT), Mario Kart Tour will bring the second Autumn Celebration Tour.

There are mainly two Autumn challenges in the new Mario Kart Tour Autumn Celebration for every Tour. By completing all Battle Tour challenges, the player can take home 48 rubies. Furthermore, participants may obtain the Red Toad (Pit Crew) and Green Speeder Cart if they place high in the ranked cups. The Battle Tour will last from October 4 to October 18 (PT.).

Following the Battle Tour is the Halloween Tour. This second Tour will be the highlight of the Autumn Celebration Tour. This is the most significant event out of the three tours as it offers rewards such as an unknown driver and the most anticipated cart in this Tour, the new Red Vampire Flyer, if players get to place high in the ranked cups. The circuit during the Halloween Tour is still unknown, but fans speculate it will vary from one of the series’ spooky ranges or the SNES Ghost Valley 3, as seen in the event picture.

The last Tour is the Autumn Tour. By completing this Tour, players may receive a new driver and kart as rewards for placing high in the ranked cups or being in the Kart Pro-Active. Since the details are still unknown, enjoy the first tour and tune in to the official Twitter account of Mario Kart Tour for more updates about this event. 

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