Mario Strikers update will add new stadium, characters and more

According to the latest trailer, Mario Strikers: Battle League is going to add a free update that will include a brand-new stadium and some familiar faces. Upcoming characters will include both Daisy and Shy Guy. The patch is scheduled to launch on July 21st, 2022, at 6 PM pacific time.

You can review the full trailer, which runs just under two minutes, on Nintendo’s official YouTube channel here:

Mario Strikers: Battle League didn’t exactly take the world by storm, but it’s doing just fine, and the addition of some free updates will definitely improve player population. Especially with some niche characters like Daisy, and beloved baddies like Shy Guy.

Thus far, the limited roster and stadiums have geared the game towards players who are more interested in competitive gameplay over casual fun.

Fortunately, it turns out that this trailer is only the beginning. Nintendo added onto their announcement thread by promising fans with two more free updates that will arrive “before the end of 2022”. These will also expand the roster, gear and stadiums, as seen below:

Update Trailer breakdown

The trailer begins by introducing fans to Daisy, including her full stats. She’ll have a strong technique, so that she can’t simply be knocked over, which is one of the key defenses in the game. This OP capacity is balanced by her low speed.

Next up, fans get a look at Shy Guy. This character won’t have any particular strength, but they also won’t have any weaknesses, with all their stats hovering around the middle.

This will definitely be easier to play for newcomers. That’s because you can use future gear to adjust the character at will, and mold them to your own strengths. For example, the update adds new “Knight” gear that increases strength and shooting.

The new Desert Ruin stadium is pretty fun, taking full advantage of the theme by changing the field into sand altogether. As everyone knows, it’s coarse and gets everywhere, so the goals can be made of sand, and they’re surrounded by sand castles.

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