Marvel’s Avengers adds MCU content for Mighty Thor and Hawkeye

Marvel’s Avengers has finally decided to cash in on the latest MCU film, Thor: Love and Thunder, announcing that Jane Foster will get an outfit based on her appearance in the movie. Also, Hawkeye’s skin from Captain America: Civil War has been revealed as the next shipment.

Here’s Mighty Thor’s big promo image, for the MCU outfit that will be available in the marketplace beginning tomorrow, August 18th:

Since the Mighty Thor character was added to the game back in early July, fans have been patiently asking for the MCU outfit. Although Mighty Thor’s abilities are more or less interchangeable with Thor, her combat plays just as well, including the amusing option to pin enemies down with Mjolnir.

It’s strange for Marvel’s Avengers to wait so long on these tie-ins when the film franchise is clearly one of the biggest influences and incentives for the game.

However, the design of the new outfit does another spectacular job of recreating an MCU costume, including the right shades of red for elements like the ornate helmet. The mission chain for the character was also plenty of fun, and the voice acting is enjoyable too, so fans responded to the new costume with relieved praise.

Meanwhile, Marvel’s Avengers continues to disappoint players by recycling their shipment opportunities. Hawkeye’s outfit from Captain America: Civil War is another repeat, although it hasn’t been seen since January.

Giving Hawkeye some love is much appreciated, after the universally rejected Iron Man shipment that stirred up fans a couple of weeks ago. Iron Man has gotten more than enough cosmetics for now.

Nonetheless, players were hoping for something a little more exciting after this tweet from the official feed, promising new outfits in the future:

Shipments require a lot of in-game currency and effort, so hopefully those will improve soon. Either way, Mighty Thor is a guaranteed success, and definitely pleased fans. You can read more about Marvel’s Avengers’ latest updates by checking out our news section!

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