Marvel’s Avengers announces redundant Iron Man 3 shipment

Marvel’s Avengers has had a rough time with fans lately, and they were even more frustrated after today’s announcement that August’s big shipment would be the outfit from Iron Man 3 again. Even though it’s an MCU tie-in, this cosmetic has already been available in multiple previous Shipments.

Here’s the official tweet from Marvel’s Avengers feed, where fans were quick to respond with criticism:

Naturally, you can’t please all of the fans, but redundant cosmetics are a surefire way to draw backlash. After all, Shipments take a very long time to refresh, especially for a game that focuses on cosmetics as the core “content” additions. Even some mission chains, like Cosmic Threat, have been recycled lately.

The previous Shipment was a Black Panther cosmetic, inspired by the comics that featured Kasper Kole, and it seems that the reminder from Marvel’s Avengers to purchase this outfit was more of a warning:

Although the MCU skins have always been the best-sellers for this game, since it wears the MCU influences on its sleeve, Iron Man 3 is hardly the best direction to go. The movie itself was already divisive enough, and fans have been justifiably frustrated with the abundant Iron Man outfits.

This is a serious disappointment, especially with so many new MCU shows and films to draw from. Thor: Love and Thunder brought in Mighty Thor, and Ms. Marvel just got a new special with Assembled:

Marvel’s Avengers generally hides MCU content behind a paywall, strangely operating more like a free-to-play title than expected, likely because of its Game Pass involvement. It’s a shame, since the game has genuinely fun battle mechanics, a decent skill system and a good sense of humor.

Either way, this makes an Iron Man 3 outfit a great deal for newcomers that might have missed one of the few opportunities to grab an MCU-related skin. Unfortunately, longtime fans will now have to wait an entire month to hope for something genuinely “new”.

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