Marvel’s Avengers reveals new summer cosmetics for July and August

Marvel’s Avengers has finally decided to celebrate summer by introducing some new cosmetics for Black Widow, Thor and Iron Man. Black Widow’s outfit will be featured in the marketplace this week.

You can check out each of the new skins on the official Marvel’s Avengers Twitter feed here:

Sadly, the cosmetics for Thor and Iron Man don’t have an exact release date. They will gradually roll out over the “coming weeks”, according to a follow-up tweet that was posted minutes later:

Fans were generally pleased with the new additions, although some criticism was pointed at Iron Man. Still, he is pointing at himself, which is certainly on point for the character. Unfortunately, many players are fed up with how many cosmetics Iron Man already has. It’s simply too easy to recolor his outfit.

Meanwhile, electrified shades are a genuinely fun idea for Thor, who’s showing off a lot less than he did in Thor: Love and Thunder. And Black Widow managed to remain as tactical as she ought to be.

Although Mighty Thor was only recently added, a lot of fans are hoping to see more of Jane Foster’s cosmetics from the MCU. While the characters generally bear no direct resemblance to their MCU counterparts, those tie-in skins remain the biggest sellers.

Mighty Thor definitely deserves some love, given that her abilities aren’t nearly unique enough. And surprisingly, Kate Bishop hasn’t gotten quite as many skins as expected, especially after the release of the Hawkeye series on Disney+.

The new cosmetics are fun, but basically a cash grab. Some new event chains would do wonders, since new cinematics and missions seem to be wholly reliant on the introduction of new characters. It’s odd, since there are countless comics to draw inspiration from.

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