Marvel’s Avengers teases M.O.D.O.K and Monica in new Villain Sector

Marvel’s Avengers has released a new trailer for its upcoming patch tomorrow, which will include major adjustments to existing Heroes and a new Elite Villain Sector. The trailer features the return of Monica, as well as the bizarre and unique M.O.D.O.K.

Here’s the full announcement and trailer, which sets up the upcoming mission story with dialogue and gameplay footage:

Marvel’s Avengers’ new mission looks both promising and redundant. On one hand, M.O.D.O.K is always a plus, and the character has recently received a boost in popularity after getting an original show on Hulu. They’re a welcome change of pace compared to other villain sectors.

However, it is odd that the trailer proudly flaunts “face down old foes”, when fighting Monica again isn’t really something the fans asked for. It looks like she’ll be in a mech suit, which is even less interesting. Her final showdown, with the one-hit KO blasts of energy, were pretty frustrating.

But the game’s new content just isn’t adding enough story. Which is kind of a shame, because whenever Marvel’s Avengers actually does have the means to add in a successful new plot.

For example, all of Black Panther’s missions in Wakanda were charming, different, and visually satisfying. While the villains may not have been very unique, the sibling banter sparkles, the plot was fine, and the setting invited different approaches to gameplay.

Marvel’s Avengers will also tweak the Heroes quite a bit tomorrow, according to the new patch notes:

It seems a little unclear why all of these buffs are being implemented, but hopefully the enemies will still balance out. The Marvel Cinematic Universe shows no signs of slowing, so there’s plenty more to consider tying in. However, it’s clear the game is in desperate need of more villains, and a Hero with new mechanics.

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