Marvel’s Midnight Suns releases new Deadpool teaser

Upcoming RPG Marvel’s Midnight Suns has just released some new marketing that teases the addition of Deadpool, breaking the fourth wall by reworking the game’s entire Twitter account with a “#DeadpoolSuns” makeover. This coincided with a new teaser, where Deadpool directly asks the fans to request him before the game launches on December 2nd, 2022:

Marvel’s Midnight Suns has deliberately focused on very grim, askew characters, so it’s great to see a teaser for Deadpool, who channels all those things into brilliant (yet often juvenile) comedy. The tone was sorely needed to brighten up Midnight Suns, and it’ll be fascinating to see how Deadpool would even function in-game.

The writing in the teaser video is mostly on point, breaking the fourth wall in a spontaneous, loud way that doesn’t overstay its welcome. It includes a jab at Moon Knight’s obscurity shortly after the TV series, but Deadpool’s brutal honesty and language are clearly watered down a bit.

Still, the Twitter banner includes some of Deadpool’s signature sketches, which is a nice touch. There’s even a taco thrown in for good measure, which was an outright currency in Activision’s Deadpool. But there could’ve been something a bit more creative around Wolverine, given the recent and viral announcements for Deadpool 3:

Deadpool isn’t exactly confirmed by all of this marketing, which instead asks the fans to demand the character is included. But it also seems like a tremendous amount of effort for nothing, and fans are almost unanimously on board.

Some would prefer that Deadpool enters as DLC, given how strange his playstyle could be, but that surely won’t get in the way of good business. It’d be fantastic to see how Deadpool’s comedy takes advantage of the tactical RPG genre.

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