Marvel’s Midnight Suns teases Captain Marvel in new Hero Spotlight

The highly anticipated tactical RPG Marvel’s Midnight Suns just released another Hero Spotlight, this time for Captain Marvel. Although it’s barely half a minute long, it does give fans a look at her upcoming abilities, role, and combat style.

You can watch the short teaser on Midnight Suns’ official YouTube channel here:

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is being developed by Firaxis Games, and published by 2K Games, which has recently found enormous success and attention thanks to The Quarry and some the first look trailer for NBA 2K23.

Midnight Suns is shaping up to be a worthy addition to Marvel’s continuing parade of new games, such as the collectible card game Marvel Snap announced back in May.

Although Marvel’s Avengers has added Mighty Thor to their character roster, and offers up some addictive beat-em-up gameplay, new mission chains with actual plot are too few and far between. There aren’t any new maps to uncover, and most of the new characters have recycled abilities from the existing lineup.

Meanwhile, and here’s some spoilers for the Disney+ series Ms. Marvel, the big finale included a surprise appearance from Captain Marvel in an after-credits scene. In fact, Ms. Marvel herself was a big fan of Captain Marvel, and the characters are expected to team up in a Marvels-centered movie.

Now, Captain Marvel and her abilities have been officially revealed for Midnight Suns, where she seems to have taken up a “tank” role. The newest Hero Spotlight teases her as both a “Cosmic Champion” and “Burning Brawler”, showing off some big slams and swings straight out of the MCU.

Captain Marvel will also be able to fire an enormous cosmic energy blast, and some area-of-effect moves that could help with crowd control.

You can read more about Marvel’s Midnight Suns and other Marvel games by checking out our news section!

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