Meta Quest Pro trailer reveals key features and October release

An all-new Meta Quest Pro device has just been teased with a reveal trailer, including a launch date for October 25th, 2022. Virtual Reality fans can pre-order the Meta Quest Pro today, and although it starts at a steep $1,499.99 USD asking price, it also provides some pretty astonishing features.

You can watch a brief teaser for the design of the new headset and controllers on Meta’s YouTube channel here:


To begin with, the design of the product is definitely satisfying, carefully balancing a sleek and futuristic aesthetic with ergonomic framing. This should absolutely please all fans of Ready Player One. There is a particular emphasis on comfort, both in its structure and features. The optical stack has never been more convenient.

Allowing users to operate in mixed reality is also a remarkable win, with the potential to seriously increase the amount of time you can spend in VR.

After all, virtual reality can quickly become disorienting and uncomfortable as is. Having a tether to your own physical space, through hi-def color, could make it significantly easier to maneuver inside the VR world (and probably reduce physical strain).

An official post for the product elaborates on some of the quality-of-life features a bit more. For example, the physical cushioning is said to support users with glasses. Also, the immersion level is “flexible”, and the frame has a counterbalanced design.

In the gaming industry, a simple level can often be completed within the hour, so players can take a break from VR worlds. But complex design work often takes all day, so it’ll be interesting to see how Meta Quest Pro transcends its prior models.

Ultimately, the Meta Quest Pro looks extraordinarily promising. If you’re spending less time struggling with the fundamental issues with VR interaction, then you’re spending more time playing or designing. It remains to be seen if the device can really deliver.

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