Mia and New Demon coming to Evil Dead: The Game in September

Evil Dead: The Game is one of the most popular asymmetrical horror games on the market, blasting many of its competitors out of the water and sporting an outstanding player base in the first week after its release. Fans who are worried the game is starting to get a bit stale can now rejoice, as a new survivor and demon will be joining the game this September.

Both of these were announced on the game’s official Twitter, which has been generous with news about upcoming content for the game The new survivor, Mia, comes from the Evil Dead remakes, and has been a highly requests addition to the game since it came out.

A college student whose vacation to a rural cabin was ruined by the titular Evil Dead themselves, Mia is a true survivor who rivals Ash himself for the title of demon-slaying-extraordinaire. Mia will be an anti-demon specialist survivor, who turns the fear mechanic into damage or possession resistance to keep the demon on their toes during a match.

While Mia will be added to the game via a new DLC, a free-to-play demon will be released alongside her for everyone to enjoy. This demon, the Plaguebringer, is the familiar possessed witch from Army of Darkness, and will be bringing a few familiar faces from the movie with her.

Both of these characters will be arriving in Evil Dead: The Game on September 8th, so be ready for more demon slaying once the patch drops.

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