Microids delays long-awaited sequel Flashback 2 to 2023

Flashback 2, an upcoming sequel to the 1992 classic, has now been pushed back from Winter 2022 to an unclear time in 2023. An official statement from the developers, Microids, explains that they simply needed more time to “match players expectations”.

Although new release date has not been confirmed, Microids also promises that “a more accurate lalunch date will be shared at a later time”. Here’s the full post from Microid’s feed:

French game developer Microids is probably best known for their long-lasting Syberia series, graphic adventures beloved for their steampunk designs and clever stories.

Their newest title, Flashback 2, does have a lot to live up to after the game-changing success of the original game. US players might recognize the first game as Flashback: The Quest for Identity, a gorgeous platformer that’s famous for its rotoscoped visuals and hand-drawn backdrops.

The game was followed up by the sequel Fade to Black, which was also released on Dreamcast, and an attempted remake.

Unfortunately, neither of those two games were able to recapture the magic. They struggled to find another way to reinvent gaming while continuing to deliver the same experience that fans wanted. So, the upcoming sequel has big shoes to fill. If the devs need a delay, fans can only hope that this hints at something worthwhile.

However, it’s also the season of delays. Games such as Planet of Lana, Deliver Us Mars, and even AAA titles like Hogwarts Legacy have all been delayed to February or Spring of 2023. Sadly, Flashback 2 didn’t have a new release date ready to go, so it probably shouldn’t be expected as early as that.

Studios are finally getting a clearer picture of their finish lines and recognizing that the original deadlines simply can’t be met. So, they smartly open up communication with their fans to diminish disappointment. Fans will have to patiently keep an eye out for anything further.

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